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Manzanita Wood Rune Pendant Necklaces

Manzanita Wood Rune Pendant Necklaces
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Now offering two manzanita wood pendant necklaces! If you know this hardwood intimately, you are aware of it's sacred energy and smooth feel.

The chips were sent to me by a dear friend from Northern California.

These I have a a very natural and raw feel as you can see by the edges of the pendants.

The cords are made of leather and cotton, hand-braided by myself.

Only these two are available at this time and will not be offered in these runes again. When they're claimed, their gone.
If the rune you want isn't in the options for purchase, it's been sold.

ᚱ (Raido) : the journey rune, motion through either your physical journey or spiritual depths

ᛉ (Algiz) : a strong protection rune, life rune … as life needs protection to remain