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Pendant Necklace Collection

Pendant Necklace Collection
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Unique pendant necklace collection!
Once a piece is sold, it will no longer be show as an option to buy. Snag the one you want quickly before it's gone!

The designs are as follows:
•Wolfshook (thin line design)/ Wolf
•2 Wolfshook (thick line design)/Wolf
•Huginn & Muninn Rune Ravens
•Death Rune Algiz Goat
•Rune Wolf
•Helm of Awe Wolf design with Knotwork rim

-All woodburned/stained, the Helm of Awe Wolf design is painted and lightly coated

-All are on buckskin cords with a wood bead strung above the pendant.

All March orders will get a free desert rose with every item order placed!
Ready to ship within 2 days of purchase.