Desert Rose Arts

Ritual Use Frankincense & Myrrh Resin w/ Charcoal Disks

Now offering!
Frankincense & myrrh resin with 3 charcoal disks.

The disks are premium quality & will burn somewhere around 1-2 hours. They can also be broke in half if you are not wanting to burn too much/too long.

I myself perpetually burn frankincense and myrrh resin on a charcoal disk- nearly every night before I begin burning.

I started this about 7 years ago as I read these scents help with energy, motivation, and positivity... and I was looking for something to lift my spirits. It is also said to have antimicrobial properties that purify the air- an additional bonus.

It’s my go-to before any sort of ritual work and has helped me greatly over the years, keeping me in the right frame of mind.

Here is your opportunity to see how you like it!

Do not leave unattended, crack a window if needed, burn on something safe that can handle the heat.
Feel free to contact with any questions/use recommendations!